Micro needling atlanta

What is micro needling?

Microneedling therapy is a minimally-invasive means of treating acne scars, fine wrinkles, and other blemishes that you would otherwise like gone. This procedure involves a process of pricking along the surface of your skin with tiny needles. Once this stage is completed, topical products are applied to the facial skin and, thanks to the micro punctures, will be able to penetrate deeper than before, thereby leaving your skin plumper and more rejuvenated. Specifically, here at Revive Atlanta, our micro needling tool of choice is the Rejuvapen™. Schedule an appointment to know more about micro needling therapy for your skin and get the best micro needling treatment in Atlanta.

What are the benefits of micro needling therapy?

This procedure is minimally invasive. Microneedling stimulates dormant hair follicles, offers relatively immediate results, and promotes wellness without any lingering pain. If you’re looking to walk away glowing, this is the treatment for you. Plus, the Rejuvapen™ is a powerful, innovative tool that eliminates sucking or clogging and also accounts for your safety and comfort.