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– 12 months of comprehensive integrative & functional treatment protocols
– 8 visits/year by telephone, in-person, or virtual
– 10% of supplements
– 20% of aesthetics, laser IV injectables
– Free giveaways & perks throughout membership


– 12 months of comprehensive integrative & functional treatment protocols
– 8 visits/year by telephone, in-person, or virtual
– 10% of supplements
– 20% of aesthetics, laser IV injectables
– 5% off Functional Medicine Testing
– Free giveaways & perks throughout the membership

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Are you having trouble losing weight and not sure why?
Are you over the yo-yo dieting, tried every diet in the book only to regain your weight back?
Stop making the same dietary mistakes you’ve been making!
Work with Dr. Bindiya 1-1 with her new breakthrough weight loss program.
Get off that diet rollercoaster and learn how to fix your metabolism once & for all and keep that weight off!

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What is Functional & Integrative Medicine?

Functional medicine is a vibrant approach to evaluating, preventing, and treating complicated chronic medical diseases. The main goal is to reach the root cause while achieving a healthier lifestyle through focusing on prevention, biochemical individuality, and the patients. Revive Atlanta MD proudly offers the finest functional medicine care in the Atlanta, GA area.

Integrative Medicine is a way of incorporating many modalities of treatments including mind-body, nutrition, supplements, and other unconventional treatments to maintain optimal well being. We have created and refined one of the most comprehensive integrative medical centers in Atlanta.

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Leptin is the hormone that sends satiety cues to your brain when you eat, telling you that you’ve had enough. Consequently, leptin resistance is a hormonal condition in which inflammation disrupts the communication between your brain’s hypothalamus and your fat cells, thereby blocking leptin’s messages.

Often caused by inflammation, poor sleep, an unbalanced diet, or even chronic stress, leptin resistance heightens a patient’s risk factor for obesity, metabolism imbalances, and more. Thankfully, Dr. Bindiya Gandhi is a functional and integrative doctor who specializes in helping patients to alleviate their leptin resistance, lose weight, and return to wellness.


Dr. Bindiya Gandhi – Medical Director

Dr. Bindiya Gandhi is the Medical Director at Revive Atlanta MD. In medical school,  she learned about all the different side effects caused by traditional medicine and decided to pursue Integrative and Functional Medicine. Her goal is to help her patients achieve optimal health by incorporating her primary care experience with functional and integrative medicine. In 2017, she opened Revive Atlanta MD to provide her patients with the utmost quality of service and care. Her goal is to inform and educate anyone interested in alternative medicine of the options available to them to reach their health and wellness goals.

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Dr. Bindiya Gandhi
Dr. Bindiya Gandhi


We provide holistic approach medicine in Atlanta with a wide array of services and treatments – below are just a few of our more common services. Click HERE to see a full list of our services and treatments.

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Words From Our Patients

Dr. Bindiya is an amazing doctor and always willing to find the root of the problem rather than just give medication to mask the issue! She is caring, compassionate, and extremely knowledgeable with issues as well as supplements to help the issues.

Sarah Toivonen

I was quite excited to learn that Dr. Bindiya opened up her own practice. It was worth the wait. Dr. Bindiya is one of two Doctors that I have known who actually take time to listen. Not just pretend to be listening, but really listens and cares. She is most kind, compassionate, knowledgeable and sincere!

Val La Valle Wise

Dr. Bindiya Has been my Dr. Now for about three years, we have been working together to deal with several medical issues. Recently we have been trying a new treatment plan that has been amazing!!!! I have not felt this good in over 10 years.

Maggie Miller

My family of 5 (with children ages 6 to 20+) have been patients of Dr. Ghandi for the past 3+ years. She is detailed, professional, knowledgeable with excellent bedside manner. I trust her medical experience and expertise in all areas of medical care. She provides excellent care that is a blend of traditional and integrative medicine.

M. Douglas

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